INTO IT FITNESS implements a different training style that is primarily used by bodybuilders and other extreme athletes to lean up for contest preparation

About us

Why us

The technique used by head trainer, Timmy Lee, was practiced under Andreas Vorbowski, an International and Pro European Bodybuilder. This technique uses proper form and combination movements, with various speeds of kinetic movements, to create shape and symmetry (a balanced physique). Timmy Lee then joined with American Pro Bodybuilder Bryan McCluskey to add an arsenal of effective training techniques already practiced on clients.


It was found that 20-30 minutes of high intensity weight training was more effective for dropping body fat and maintaining muscle without over training causing atrophy (muscle loss) but rather the ketones come from bodyfat storage. Using progressive training with proper nutrition we will create hypertrophy (lean muscle) gain.

With Timmy Lee's nutritional background, clients can put on size or tone up, and shed unwanted body fat in abnormal amounts of time, with the  proper nutritional guidance, This is an advantage to business professionals, students, and clients with difficult workloads to get their goals accomplished without putting endless hours in at the gym.


Just think...25 minutes, 3-4 times a week with a simple diet. You can make what you may have thought impossible come true in a short amount of time!  You can choose our location,

(membership free), or off site at your gym, to the comfort of your home.

1. Clean modern facility with state-of-the-art equipment, full compliment of free weights and      cardiovascular area. Speed and agility training areas with kettlebells and other modalities

2. Friendly, helpful staff with the experience and certification to help you achieve your goals.

3. Flexible scheduling - we are here when you want to work out.  

4. Proven results with a variety of body types and all ages and levels of fitness.

5. Whether for the vacation, competition, overall better quality of life, we’re the wise choice

    to make.​


Timmy Lee Has 26 Years Of Experience Helping Clients Achieve Personal Goals From Beginner Weight Training To Competitive Bodybuilding/Figure & Fitness Training, Energy Management, Post- Injury Rehab. ​


Longevity and performance rely on nutrients that fuel and repair our body.​